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About the Thornhill Foundation.

The Thornhill Foundation is a non-profit Alabama corporation, set up by the descendants of John Hardie and Mary Mead Hall Hardie of Thornhill. In addition to using this page to describe the work of the foundation, you may find information on the Hardies in Scotland, some information on John Hardie's siblings , as well as links to other Hardie-related web resources.

A genealogical supplement to Lillian Martin's book on John Hardie and his descendents is also available to members. This area of the web site is password protected; please check your most recent mailing from the Foundation for the appropriate user name and password.

The full text of Brothers in Arms, detailing John Hardie's sons' experience of the Civil War is now available. Six Hardie brothers and a brother-in-law fought for the Confederacy, compilng remarkable records, even for that remarkable war. William T. Hardie fired the first cannon in the first battle of the war after the fall of Fort Sumter; a cavalryman shot and killed by Alva Hardie was the last Union casualty of the war. In almost every major battle there was at least one of these Hardie brothers in the fight: first and second Manassas, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Murfreesboro, Antietam, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, the siege of Petersburg, the siege of Vicksburg, the campaign for Atlanta, the March to the Sea, and countless other battles and skirmishes. Some were wounded and some were captured; yet, they all survived. Read Bill Hardie's compelling account of this critical time in our national and family history here.

The Foundation's Annual meeting and reunion for 2005 were in France. A trip journal of the reunion is available.

Contributions and memorial gifts

If you wish to make a contribution to The Thornhill Foundation, you may make a general gift or choose to designate it to the Thornhill Cemetery Endowment Fund. Donors of Memorial Gifts may wish to make their gifts to this permanent fund.

Memorial Gifts may be sent to our Treasurer:
The Thornhill Foundation
C/o Alice L. Rainold
P.O. Box 15191
New Orleans, LA 70175-5191
Memorial gifts are recorded in the records of the Foundation, and acknowledgments of the gift are sent to the family of the person honored by the gift.

The cemetery at Thornhill

For more information on the Cemetery at Thornhill, complete Cemetery Rules of Administration, and Donation Forms are available in the perpetual care brochure.

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